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Powderfinger aussie band

this is jsut copied out of my LJ so it was a few days ago now

I saw powderfinger last night its fucking rock!!!!! best night
of my life. words can't really describe it!!!!!!!!!

We got there about 8:30 and this guy with a video camera was filming
stuff for a pf dvd which will be released next year and shoved the camera in my face and
started to ask me something but some dickhead jumped in front of me and stole my limelight.
i could have gotten my few seconds of fame. maybe itll show me walking up the steps
of rod laver arena. got my tshirt spent 40 bucks on it but it was worth it!!!!!

Powderfinger came out about 9:20 and you should have heard the roar from the crowd.

The music was fucking awesome, they played old stuff as well as knew stuff and the old stuff
they made more rockier then usual. Bernard song "since youve been gone" and everythime he sings that
song it sends shivers down my spine, jsut the lyrics and guitars are amazing. These days is another of those
songs i remember when he sang it last year it was a week after the bali bombings and it just seemed to fit well mate it
was great. Everytime I hear a song of vulture I get the urge to do air guitars.

I love the song rita it so funky its not on the cd but its on the bonus dvd and itll be on as a bside on sunsets. they also palyed video
clip for sunsets whilst singing it live.

The backdrops and lighting was beautiful and their were vultures flying on the roof. It was all awesome.
they finished the set with my happiness. I love that song it always makes me smile.

All in all it was one rocking night the only downside was i wanted it to go on for longer but they played a lot and the other
prob was friggen tall people but other then that it all kicked ass.

Bernie and the harmonica his fucking awesome, can play keys, guitar, sing, write and probably heaps
more. One rocking artist.
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